Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Nappies and Not Much Else

It's not snowing anymore, but the wind is really whipping things around out there. I went out for a few things at the grocery store. Dogfood, bagels, and a bag of salad. I also got some Tipperdogs, which is another name for cheap hotdogs that we give to the mooching neighbor dog. I also went to Goodwill, but really didn't get much. Bias tape in two different colors was the extent of my shopping. Their prices are getting a little to high for my taste. They used to be a place that I went to all the time, but in the last few years I have not bought much there because of the prices. I can go to St. Vinnies and get the same stuff for about half the price.
The Gnomes and I ended up napping through the Superbowl, I really could of cared less about the two teams. I wanted to get more done around the house, but I have been really fatigued lately and a nap was right up my alley. I have tomorrow off from work, so I hope I have a burst of energy and get a bunch of stuff done around here.

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