Thursday, February 09, 2006

Slow Days are a Good Thing

I had a pretty easy day today. I didn't have to work until 4 pm, so I ended up bumming around with my brother. I got back a few hours before my shift and we ended up eating leftover porkchops for a late lunch. I did the work thing and was in the spa by 10:35 pm.
While I was riding around with The Bro, I did get a few more rows done on a hat I am working on. It was posted on the Internet, with some sort of mistake, as far as I can tell. I got that hashed out and I started working on it a few days ago. I have been using it as a work project and not meshing with it at home, so it's been going pretty slow. I originally found the pattern on craftster, with a link to the blog it was posted at. But once I started working on it, I realized there was a problem and posted it again on craftster. The responses were that it indeed had an error and I wasn't losing my mind. So, I just used the pattern as a guideline and I am doing my own thing to some extend.

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