Friday, February 10, 2006

Once Again...

Once again, not much done. I worked in the morning, came home, The Boyfiend got back into town. He made us some great steak sandwiches for lunch. I ended up taking a nap for a few hours this afternoon, which I really needed. I don't know why I am so run down lately, but I am. The fun thing is that we had a Taco Night. That means we make taco's from scratch, kind of a build it yourself taco buffet. I really love when we have taco's. It's funny though, that the guacamole stuff that we buy contains very little actual guacamole. I still like it, but I think it should be called Tasty Green Stuff, or something like that. Barney was kind of hanging around the table, but there really wasn't anything there for him. We did give the Gnomes each a little taste of steak leftover from our lunch sandwiches, so they were happy.
I started cleaning up my sewing machine, as I need it to make some Little Gnome outfits. It's almost Springtime, and my knitting and crocheting will be winding down a little for the Summer. I will still be making some stuff, I am seriously thinking of trying to sell some stuff at the local craft shows next Autumn. If I could make enough money to offset the Christmas costs, that would be great.

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