Monday, February 27, 2006

I expected to have tomorrow off from work, but for some reason they need me for the entire day. That really bums me out as The Boyfiend is in town for the day and we had plans to do stuff together. But oh well, that's what happens when you are indispensable. I think I should have myself cloned and send me to work for myself. That way, I would actually get a day off when I sign up for one by being able to send myself to work.
On an entirely different note, I traced the pinup girl with hairbrush onto the hankie this evening and I am going to start on that shortly. It's small enough that I think I can put it in a zip-loc and bring it to work, that way if I get a few minutes on break to do something other then get fresh coffee or go to a restroom, I got something to do. At least I would be getting something done that I had planned to do on my imaginary day off that I almost got to enjoy.

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