Sunday, February 12, 2006

Catch Up Time

Today, The Boyfiend had to take off for work. We spent some time getting his stuff together to go. I didn't have much time to do anything else. I am hoping that tomorrow at work I have some time to work on the dobby hat that I am knitting. I guess that i will have to post some pictures of my finished projects, since this is called The Yarn Files. I have actually finished two hats that I haven't posted about. One is the Kitty hat, and the other is a hat for The Boyfiend. I have yet to start on the sweater for Blossom, but it's kind of late in the year to be messing with that. I really should be making her a raincoat. I think in the yarn department, I will be working on stuff that would sell at a craft show. It seems early to be thinking that way, but I will have to make a lot of things to sell to make it worth the cost of renting a table at a show. I will probably make a bunch of scarves as they are easy, but I also will try and make some hats as I got many compliments on the hats that I wore throughout the winter.
lately, I have been trying to do Spring Cleaning, for lack of a better term. I really need to have my own craft room, it's just too much of a mess having this stuff in our living room. It's hard to find what I need, but mostly it's just a mess to have to hide all the time. So, that is taking most of my free time for now.

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