Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Boonies and Back

Today was a rather long day at work. It entails picking up a half dozen or so of our eldery clients and driving them all over town to run their errands. It can really get to be a lot of stops. Also, they don't live in town, but out in The Boonies. So, it's about 45 minutes just to go get them and 45 minutes to get back into Civilization. The roads out That-A-Way left a lot to be desired. They were pretty bad this morning and on the return trip they hadn't improved at all. I was busting through some snowdrifts across the road. I am just glad that my day ended when it did, much longer and I would of been driving in the dark.
The Boyfiend is at home for the day, but since I was at work for most of it and he has some other family plans involving the bowling alley for the evening, it's going to be a short visit. I can't bowl, as I have two bad shoulders, but besides that, they allow smoking and I just got over my coughing spell that lasted 2 months and don't want to tempt Fate.
The Gnomes seemed to have a good day when I was at work. They aren't cuddling up together all that often during the day, but they are definitely getting along. They will cuddle in the evening on the couch when I am home from work, as long as I lift Blossom up onto the couch as she can't make the jump like Barney can. I'm not sure if they see each other as anything but a heat source. Whatever the case, they trust each other enough to sleep so that's a good thing.

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