Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blossom Finds a Sense of Humor

Blossom is getting a lot more playful she seems to be getting the idea that we are playing with her, not trying to upset her. If you scrunch your fingers across the couch like a spider, she swats at your fingers and paws at your hand. Then she'll roll a little bit, so you can rub her belly. It's pretty cute how she does that. Of course, she sits and watches Barney messing around with us and I think she is pretty smart, she's put it all together pretty quickly. She also went and jumped into the bed this evening for the first time. She watched Barney go in there to snooze and a few minutes later she did the same. She definitely learns from example really quick. A smart and resourceful girl to have made it through the puppy mills. She seems happy here.

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