Thursday, January 19, 2006

Scarf Cheater

Well I finally got my tax stuff from work. The Boyfiend got his quite a while ago. We are expecting his return shorty now, but that is going to be used to bring Barney to the doggie dentist. At a recent appointment, we were told that he will probably have to have his few remaining teeth removed. He just had a full dental not even two years ago, but it's just a thing with small dogs to have teeth problems. I think if you started with a puppy, you could get them used to dental care. But Barney was 8(?) years old when we got him and did not appreciate my attempts to brush his teeth one bit. It was very upsetting to him and I didn't do anything other then scare him badly.
I have cheated a little on my "No UFO's" rule and started another scarf. This one is skinny though and should be done shortly. I'm using a double ended crochet hook to make it. It's going to be more like a boa, really. I was thinking on making a curly scarf, but wanted to give this double ended hook a try. It's pretty easy, but I wonder if it uses more yarn then other methods. I also have the itch to break out my hairpin frame, but I am trying to control the UFO's so that got nixed. I promise, promise, promise that I will get two old projects completed this weekend!

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