Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Purple Pillbox

This would be the Purple Pillbox hat, with ruffle. Kind Of like potato chips, either with or without ridges. I like the hat, it is very soft and comfy. Kind of silly too, so it works on a lot of different levels. I am sure my Adoring Public with be astounded with my creativity and brashness at wearing such a hat. As I mentioned, this is made with Walmart brand No Boundaries yarn. I am quite happy with the texture, but be warned, it is very soft. There is not a lot of “body” to it. I did strand it with a wool blend. I think without the extra strand, the brim would be too floppy to wear and be able to see.
I really do need a digital camera. I am using a very cheap webcam to take my pictures with and they look terrible. The colors aren’t even close. Maybe that is what I will ask for as a Christmas present, a decent digital camera.
I also found these, which are now in the running for the gauntlets. I have so much yarn now, but I really would like to make them out of that self striping sock yarn so they would have a kewl color pattern to them. Ahh, I should be happy with the fact I got another hat done and quit picking about stuff like that. I still got to finish the skully, but I will do that for sure tomorrow

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