Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not a Hat

I know I said that I should finish the skully, but I came to the realization that it’s pretty hard for me to do that kind of pattern at work. So, I decided to get something done. I am now working on scarves for Christmas presents. Most of them should be presents. Alright, alright, some of them will be gifts and I am sure there will be a few that I just can’t part with. But, the thing that really matters is that I am getting them done. I imagine that I will be able to get one done every two days during the week. I should be able to get two done on the weekends. It’s going to be a scarf extravanganza around here. It’s funny, I thought everyone would be sick of scarves, but I have three people that are crazy about the fuzzy scarves, claim to have not noticed them on other people last winter. So that is what they are getting.

Work was alright again today. That’s where I got most of the scarf done. My job pays quite well for this area, probably one of the higher paying jobs outside of the medical field. Sometimes, I feel the need to do something else with my life. What I do is a job, not a career. I wish that I could have some sort of schedule that would allow me to attend some college courses. That is part of the job, floating schedules anytime from 6 am to 6 pm. I could take up to 8 months off as a leave of absence and still have my job back, but money is money and I need it. I think I will look into night and weekend courses, although I know that the selection is pretty small. I also haven’t got a clue as to what I would want to pursue. But I would have to take all the general studies for a year or two anyhow before I had to declare a major. I really think that the best course of action would be to put The Boyfiend through school first, he is interested in something in the healthcare field and that is more of a plan then I have. He also has a really sucky job and it’s depressing on a lot of different levels.

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