Friday, November 18, 2005

I am the Spackle Queen

As I mentioned before, My best friend Kerri is coming to visit me for part of the weekend. Along with trying to clean up the house, I decided to try and fix the shower. Along the bottom, where the shower surround meets the tub was pretty yucky. Whomever had the house before did not install the shower surround correctly and hence, the bead of caulk spackle stuff was yucky and crumbling apart. Well, five tubes of caulking later…I have something resembling a decent looking tub again. I imagine it will take around two years for the stuff to cure all the way through. I was considering going to Menards and buying twenty thirty more tubes and going all the way up to the ceiling, but axed that idea when I found out my finger works pretty good as a smoothing /spreading implement.
And now, on a completely different note, I am working on a new cap. A skull cap to be exact. The pattern can be found here. I will not be making it in the traditional black and white, but going for something like black and orange or pink. I don’t think it would fly at work if I made it in the black and white, but might squeak by if it was “funny” with a orange, pink or some other “happy” color. I have a ball of yarn from St. Vinnies which is a neon lusterous orange that might suit it nicely. Or, the other choice is to go really subtle like contrasting yarn textures, rather then colors. Hmmm…got me thinking now, that could be pretty cool.

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