Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not a Hat

I know I said that I should finish the skully, but I came to the realization that it’s pretty hard for me to do that kind of pattern at work. So, I decided to get something done. I am now working on scarves for Christmas presents. Most of them should be presents. Alright, alright, some of them will be gifts and I am sure there will be a few that I just can’t part with. But, the thing that really matters is that I am getting them done. I imagine that I will be able to get one done every two days during the week. I should be able to get two done on the weekends. It’s going to be a scarf extravanganza around here. It’s funny, I thought everyone would be sick of scarves, but I have three people that are crazy about the fuzzy scarves, claim to have not noticed them on other people last winter. So that is what they are getting.

Work was alright again today. That’s where I got most of the scarf done. My job pays quite well for this area, probably one of the higher paying jobs outside of the medical field. Sometimes, I feel the need to do something else with my life. What I do is a job, not a career. I wish that I could have some sort of schedule that would allow me to attend some college courses. That is part of the job, floating schedules anytime from 6 am to 6 pm. I could take up to 8 months off as a leave of absence and still have my job back, but money is money and I need it. I think I will look into night and weekend courses, although I know that the selection is pretty small. I also haven’t got a clue as to what I would want to pursue. But I would have to take all the general studies for a year or two anyhow before I had to declare a major. I really think that the best course of action would be to put The Boyfiend through school first, he is interested in something in the healthcare field and that is more of a plan then I have. He also has a really sucky job and it’s depressing on a lot of different levels.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Purple Pillbox

This would be the Purple Pillbox hat, with ruffle. Kind Of like potato chips, either with or without ridges. I like the hat, it is very soft and comfy. Kind of silly too, so it works on a lot of different levels. I am sure my Adoring Public with be astounded with my creativity and brashness at wearing such a hat. As I mentioned, this is made with Walmart brand No Boundaries yarn. I am quite happy with the texture, but be warned, it is very soft. There is not a lot of “body” to it. I did strand it with a wool blend. I think without the extra strand, the brim would be too floppy to wear and be able to see.
I really do need a digital camera. I am using a very cheap webcam to take my pictures with and they look terrible. The colors aren’t even close. Maybe that is what I will ask for as a Christmas present, a decent digital camera.
I also found these, which are now in the running for the gauntlets. I have so much yarn now, but I really would like to make them out of that self striping sock yarn so they would have a kewl color pattern to them. Ahh, I should be happy with the fact I got another hat done and quit picking about stuff like that. I still got to finish the skully, but I will do that for sure tomorrow

Monday, November 28, 2005


Tonight the connection is really sloooww. I really don’t think that I will post much, as I have already lost two posts! It’s really upsetting me. I am also upset as I didn’t get a chance to do any hookin’ today

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Another Hat

Well, I just about got a hat done this evening. Unfortunately, I will have to get another ball of yarn in order to finish the brim. The hat is basically a tall pillbox, or a short tophat, whatever way you want to look at it. I made it using the Walmart brand of fancy yarn, No Boundaries. It’s kind of a varigated purple boucle, I stranded it with a wool blend that is also varigated in simlar colors. I really wish I could of finished it today and wore it to work tomorrow Oh well, better luck next time. I will be posting a pic of it within a day or two.

Friday, November 25, 2005

I am a Rose? HAHAHAHA

Which Flower are You?brought to you by QuizillaYou are a Rose:
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The Gauntlet Dilema

I do want to make a set of gauntlets, as I already said. The problem is, I also need something to cover my fingers from time to time. So, I think what I am going to do, is make them with an extra “thumb opening” near my wrist. That way, when I want some finger protection, I just pull on the gauntlet like I am going to take it off, and when it just covers my fingertips, there will be another opening for my thumb to slide through. I may or may not put another thumb on the side, I am not sure. I will make them without one first, then if it is a problem, I can always graft a thumb on. I just really want something to give my fingers some protection, but I don’t want the bulk of a flap mitten. I would have to make them a little longer then normal, so the gauntlet would still cover my wrist when it is covering my fingertips, but I think all in all, this will be a really simple project. I just have to decide if I want to use the crochet pattern I have picked out, or consider knitting them. Just another idea rolling around in my brain.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was successful. I made the greenbean casserole and the sweet potatoes. The Boyfiend cooked the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and a few veggies. We had a great keylime pie for dessert from Schwann’s. There was other desserts, but no one had room to eat them. That will be great for tomorrow with the leftovers.
While the feast was cooking, I worked on the skully. I am doing it in black and pink. It looks like it will come out alright. I am about half way through with the cap now. I would consider just doing a plain cap and cross stitching over the top to get the same effect.
I found a stellar scarf pattern on Craftster. I voted for it in ”This Rocks”. I will be doing this next for sure, after I get a few more hats done. I might even start it sooner, as it seems like a pattern that you can start and stop easily, as the designer herself noted.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yarn Seizure

Yesterday After work I went to help my mom pack for her visit to my brothers house. I am glad I did, she really needed a hand. After that, I picked up my friend Kerri and we went to Michaels. I was so overwhelmed by the yarn I couldn’t pick out any yarn. the only thing I got was a set of inline hooks. I have a tendency to crochet very tight and i hope this will help with the problem. I also want to start a set of gauntlets, as my arms and hands are getting cold at work. So, I will be giving my new hooks a workout.
I also found this, which is very interesting. It would go great the the skully.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Good Times and Me Likey

I had a nice visit with my friend Kerri. We really didn’t do much, other then watch a few movies together. But, it was enjoyable to spend some time together. I will be going to help my Mom pack for a Thanksgiving trip to visit my brother. After that is done, Kerri and I will probably go to Michael’s craft store to look at some yarn. All in all, it was a nice weekend. Work today went pretty good, no problems at all.
I did surf into Craftster There seemed to be a lot of talk about a company called Anthropologie. So, being curious, I went and checked out this scarf. I have to say, I really did like a lot of the winter stuff they had there and really liked that scarf in particular. Sure it’s a departure from the skull skully, but a girl sometimes has to be, well, girlie. After I get my sugar fix at Athropologie, I can always go and visit the Anticraft to create some sort of balance between good and evil.
As for the Skull skully, I will be starting the cap tomorrow at work.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I am the Spackle Queen

As I mentioned before, My best friend Kerri is coming to visit me for part of the weekend. Along with trying to clean up the house, I decided to try and fix the shower. Along the bottom, where the shower surround meets the tub was pretty yucky. Whomever had the house before did not install the shower surround correctly and hence, the bead of caulk spackle stuff was yucky and crumbling apart. Well, five tubes of caulking later…I have something resembling a decent looking tub again. I imagine it will take around two years for the stuff to cure all the way through. I was considering going to Menards and buying twenty thirty more tubes and going all the way up to the ceiling, but axed that idea when I found out my finger works pretty good as a smoothing /spreading implement.
And now, on a completely different note, I am working on a new cap. A skull cap to be exact. The pattern can be found here. I will not be making it in the traditional black and white, but going for something like black and orange or pink. I don’t think it would fly at work if I made it in the black and white, but might squeak by if it was “funny” with a orange, pink or some other “happy” color. I have a ball of yarn from St. Vinnies which is a neon lusterous orange that might suit it nicely. Or, the other choice is to go really subtle like contrasting yarn textures, rather then colors. Hmmm…got me thinking now, that could be pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dogs need clothing too

I got a call from the library today, that a book I had requested was in. Hip to Crochet has got some neato stuff, nothing really standout. I do like the hats. The clerk at the library that checked out my books, which included some other crochet books, asked if I would be interested in making a sweater for her dauchund. I gave her my email and hope to hear from her soon. I don’t know what I would charge for my labor, but we will hash it out later.
At work I was way too busy to pick up a hook. I was sure glad when my day was over. I still have to frog out the cap I started, but I got big plans for that! The Boyfiend is trailblazing his way along through yet another snowstorm, but should be home soon. Meanwhile, I have to do some major house cleaning as I have a friend visiting me this weekend. Yikes!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Frogging and First Blizzard

I really don’t like snow…Or, more precisely, I don’t like the frozen aspect of it. It is sleeting out right now, which is a combination or the worst of both rain and snow. The Boyfiend is about an hour from home driving his truck. I am sure he will make it safely, but it does pray on my mind.
On another note, I started a cap, but I am frogging it. The stitch pattern isn’t showing up well enough to make it worth the effort. It was a swirling post stitch pattern from I like the pattern, just picked the wrong yarn. I am just going to find a nice chunky yarn pattern and go from there.

Monday, November 14, 2005

And a Very Merry Merry...

This is a “Lump of Coal” sachet.
Thought this one up while reading a posting at Craftster
Someone had posted a problem with ungrateful relatives at Christmas time, expecting expensive presents. This is my answer to that problem. About 9 stitches wide by 22 rows, all single crochet. Fold in half and stitch 2 sides shut. Fill toe of old pantyhose with cedar chips or potpourri (to keep filling from working through the stitches), stuff inside pocket and stitch last side of pocket shut.
So many people have no appreciation for the time and energy that goes into making a gift. There are certain individuals in my life that could give a crumbled cookie about me, although they pretend otherwise or sometimes don’t even bother to pretend. The funny part is, i think that they wouldn’t “get it” if i did give them the lump of coal sachet. Actually, they might really use it! Oh well, all I can do is try to give them a poke in the eye, but not use my finger…