Saturday, May 17, 2008

Still looking for a wheel

I am about out of my mind trying to pick out a spinning wheel. Damn, every one that I am interested in has been discontinued. I have found one that I like, but it's a quill or spindle wheel only, it would be able to spin anything, in theory, basically limited by the ability of the operator. I would be the operator, and I'm not sure what my level of ability is anymore. Quill spinning is tricky, not everyone likes it or is able to do it. I am not sure which category I fall into....I wish I could track someone down locally so I could "give it a whirl" on their wheel and try before I buy. I've had several people tell me that it's not that hard, just slow going. But, for the yarn I think I'm going to be making, it might be the only way for me to go. i want to make the super chunk funk with all kinds of stuff spun right into the yarn. I don't think I could compete with all the other beautiful yarns being spun out there and I have to find my "niche market."

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