Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby come back!

Well, well, look who's back? Or should I say bad? Yes, I've been very bad for a long time about posting to this, or any blog. No matter, times have changed and so have I, as the song goes, so it's time to get back into the swing of things.

Many changes have taken place. The
boyfiend and I got married, we bought a second home, we have a hamster, turtle and another dog. It's funny because the house I'm in now is about half as big as the other one that I just visit, but there are twice as many lifeforms here. The second house was a necessity as my mother's mobility is declining and I really needed to be near her. She did not want to move near me, as the regional hospital with all the specialists are near her. So, we bit a really big bullet and got a small second home for me to live in to help her out. She isn't to the point where she needs to live with someone full-time either, so this situation is working out. Down the road, I feel we can always sell this house as it's small and would be good for a single professional person working at the hospital, or elsewhere.

So, in case you didn't pay attention, we are up to three small dogs, Barney, Blossom, and Teddy, one hamster, Franklin and one turtle. The turtle, Fang, being the most recent addition.

As for yarn, well, I took some time off from it. but now I'm back, with some new ergonomic hooks and a gleam in my eye.

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