Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Wish I May...

Boy, do I ever wish I had tomorrow off from work. The Boyfiend is still here, as his leg is still a little sore. Also, at work they didn't get it together in time for him to leave out. The have a problem with organization there, to say the least. so, with him around, it would of been nice to have a day to ourselves, of just relaxing and sleeping in, but it isn't meant to be.
On another note, I am on a quest to find some crewel yarn in this town. I think I am going to fail. I have found some kits at St. Vinnies, I think that is going to be my main source of crewel yarn. The problem is, the kits are vinatge, and while some of them are kind of cool, the colors are a little too primary for me.

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