Friday, March 03, 2006

Another Friday Night

We went out for supper for Friday night. it was kind of a disappointment. We went to a newer restaurant. I tried a tuna steak, which I never had before, and I can say I will never try again.. I thought it was pretty dry. The Boyfirend, who has had that before, said that is the way it is. So next time I will pass. The main thing, is the service was terrible. Very, very slow. And once we got our food, it was like we didn't exist. I had to ask two different waitresses for a box for the leftovers and that took 15 minutes for them to take care of. So, we won't be going there again. the rest of the evening consisted of doing laundry and going shopping. The Gnomes had a good evening, I cut up a hotdog for them to share as a little treat.

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