Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pattern Problems

I did end up frogging the hat that I had started. I haven't actually restarted the hat since I haven't heard back from the author of the pattern. The general consensus on craftster is there is an error in the pattern. Actually two errors. The first error being, the first and last stitch are selvedge stitches and not part of the pattern, just something for you to use when you seam it together. Second, the pattern as written is not divisible by a 4x4 ribbing. You will end up with the 4x4 ribbing not alternating properly once you seamed it together. There would be two knit panels next to one another. So, a person would have to add 2 stitches or substract 6 stitches to get it to work out right. I may scrap the whole idea of that hat and find a similar pattern, such as Pinky at knitty. I am not sure yet. It's not like I wasn't able to figure out the problem, but I feel like maybe Fate is saying to do a different pattern.
The House Gnomes are doing fine this evening, they are resting comfortably. I'm not sure it's possible for them to do anything other then rest comfortably, but I suppose there is an outside chance. I cut out a simple blanket style coat for them out of some of the fleece I bought. It seemes to be a good design. Although I will have to sew on some velcro and finish the edges, I was able to put it on Barney. He seemed pleased with the style and fit. I will be changing it a bit, as I really don't like having to fasten the belly straps all the way under his belly. I would rather have one long strap that fastens on the side, then two straps that fasten underneath him. Other then that, it will be a good start.

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