Saturday, February 25, 2006

Not Much Of A Day

But I did manage to finish painting my new craft room. I still will have to do all the trim, but I don't think that will take all that long, it's only where the walls meet the floor. I give it about an hour tops. We didn't even have an actual supper last night, just kind of snacked a bit and called it good. The Gnomes are doing good, no problems with them.
Lately, I have been surfing Craftster for embroidered or crewel work. I don't know why this has me so intrigued right now, but it does. maybe because I am thinking about how to decorate my new space and the fact there is going to be a bedroom nook that it has me thinng of jazzing up some pillow cases and small table cloths. We shall see what comes of it all.

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