Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hawk -Eyed Maltie

Work went alright this morning, nothing out of the ordinary. Afterwards, I picked up Barney and we went to the vet to get his bloodwork done. It was still kind of early, so a little later I went to McD's and got a plain double cheeseburger for The Gnomes to share. I wanted to give Barney a treat for being so good at the vet. I don't think Blossom had ever had anything like that before. She watched me like a hawk after that, like I was going to pull another cheeseburger out of my pocket and hand it to her. She scarfed her half of the burger down like it was Manna for Heaven. I can't say I blame her, that dog food really is stinky. But, back to reality, The Gnomes need a balanced diet and treats are nice once in a while.

Well, The Bro stopped by briefly. He was in town for about two hours, one of which was spent visiting with me. We ended up getting some KFC for supper, he checked his email and then took off, back to his motel about an hour away from here. He will probably be spending a few days here next week, so we will get to visit some more and go sit in the spa and relax. Tomorrow might be very interesting at work, as we are under a Winter Storm Watch, expecting 7 inches of snow and 25 mph winds. I really hope not, I hate the snow.

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