Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hat Trick

This morning I slept in a little, that was nice. The Gnomes weren't ready to get up, but I rousted them out of bed anyways. They are truly amazing sleepers. When Barney first came off the chihuahua assembly line, Inspector #481 scooped him up and said "This one is great! He hasn't opened his eyes for days, what a perfect specimen of a chihuahua." The other inspectors gathered around and all they heard from Barney was a little snore.
I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon riding around with The Bro. He was checking on a few clients out in The Boonies. It was fun to do a little more talking. He then dropped me off and went on his way out of town. He will be back a bit on Friday morning, then again for a few days next week.
I started a new hat while riding around, but I will have to frog it as I think there is a typo in the pattern. Suspecting this, I only did a few rows, just enough to see if I will like the looks of the yarns I am using. I will post more about this when I contact the pattern author and find out for sure if there is an error on her part or mine. It's probably something I don't understand, being a Novice Knitter

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