Friday, February 03, 2006

Dry Clean Only

I had mentioned in an earlier post about Blossom's love of rawhide chewies. I think this picture shows that I wasn't kidding when I said there was about 15-20 different chewies to choose from. Keep in mind this is just the ones they hauled up onto the couch. There is a plethora of them laying around The Little Gnome couches on the floor. They were chewing on them for about a half hour after coming in from a potty break. A half hour seems to be the limit for being able to hold their eyelids open. Barney is crashed out a little bit out of camera shot on the armrest. Her tummy fur is growing in nicely, she was spayed on January 18th, about a week before I picked her up. Blossom really hates going outside in any sort of inclimate weather. It's been drizzling or snowing a good part of the day and she wanted nothing to do with going out in that. She has the idea though, that if she does what she needs to do, then we all go in immediately. So, we were out for about 1 minute all together. She still gave me the Evil Eye like it's my fault it's drizzling out. I will go to JoAnn Fabrics tomorrow and look for some waterproof fabric and make a little rain poncho for her. Something simple shouldn't take me too long to make. I suppose I could go really easy and make one like the fleece one I made last night out of any old thing and cover the outside with duct tape. That would give her that retro Judy Jetson look and probably look pretty cool too. I do plan on going to St. Vinnie's tomorrow before I go to JoAnn's. I was going to see if they had winter coats on sale yet to cut up into doggie duds. I will have to check for waterproof type clothing. Maybe I can find something suitable to make her some raingear. Barney only gets upset with the rain if it's a hard rain, otherwise, he seems to enjoy being out in the rain or snow. I think he would stand out there and sniff every snowflake that falls if I would let him. It's funny that he seems to be what you think of a little boy, wanting to walk through the puddles and mud. She is the little princess that wants to always being dry and clean.

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