Friday, January 27, 2006

They must be Gellin'

I am so glad that the weekend has finally come! I signed up for less hours at work next week so I can spend lots of time with our newest family member, Blossom. I am afraid that Barney is a bad influence. He is showing her what Chihuahuas do with all their leisure time. This is an action shot, meaning that their eyes are open. Notice the look of annoyance and boredom on Barney's face at having his picture taken, yet again. Now, note how Blossom seems enthusiastic about the whole picture taking experience. Blossom is deaf. So, the look on her face is not from me making kissy sounds to get their attention, but making goofy faces at them. This also goes back to the look of annoyance Barney has. He feels Mommy shouldn't be acting like an idiot in front of The New Girl. The next one would be a relaxed shot, more typical to the usual behavior around this house. Barney is very glad he has furry eyelids so the camera flash doesn't cut into his intense schedule of sleeping, napping and dozing. All in all, they seem to be getting along very well. I think they got those Gellin' shoe inserts in their little fuzzy feet because they sure are relaxed all the time. There are no issues over food or toys. Blossom, despite having no teeth do to prior neglect, really likes to gum on little rawhide chewies. There are only about 15 to 20 of them lying around for her to choose from.
I will have to go back to JoAnn fabric's and try to find some girly girl fabric or fleece to make her a nice coat. Something in a pastel, preferably pink. She is a girly girl and I know she wants a pink leopard print coat with rhinestones on it, a Mommy can tell these things.

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