Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Test is Done!

I finally finished the test for my Michigan Master Gardener Certification, just now, matter of fact. I am so glad to get that done and out of the way. I will turn it in tomorrow, on my way to work.
I did get a little bit done today on one of my UFO's. I was working on my Weirdo Bobble Scarf. I ended up using up all the yarn that I tied together to make the ball. So, until I got an hour or two to make another ball of yarn bits, it'll be a while before I work on it again. I really do like the looks of the scarf, but all that snipping and tying takes forever.
I will be working on the Kitty Hat tomorrow, hopefully I can finish it. I think I am doing the shuttlebus and sometimes I end up with 5 minutes at one end of the shuttle to work a little bit. I got the main body done and have to start on the forehead area and ears.

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