Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Splish Splash

My brother is visiting again. His company pays for him to stay in a motel. I think it's great because the one he stays at has a spa. So, I went and sat in the nice, hot spa and relaxed for a while. That was great for my sore ankle, which is sore for some unknown reason.
I am working on getting a little friend for Barney. He really needs a buddy to keep him company. I don't expect them cuddle up right away, but just to have a warm body in the house with him will be comforting.
I still haven't started on the fleecy dog coats, but I hope to do so this weekend. I have found a few patterns that look like they are easy and also nice looking. I do have some ideas of my own and will be doing a little modifying. I still haven't come up with a cute name for my dog clothing yet, but something will pop soon. It's not like I would be marketing these things on a national scale, but I would like to have a catchy name. We all dream of being our own boss with something going on. Or at least it's something I have dreamed of, having some sort of small side business that makes a little Christmas money and is fun to do.

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peke lady said...

Thank you for having the heart and compassion for the older rescues!
Blossom is a doll and will now be able to spend her life in a kind, and loving home as any dog should.