Saturday, January 21, 2006

Polar Fleece Deficit

Today was a lazy day, which I really needed. I slept in and didn't get much of anything done. I worked on the double ended crochet hook scarf a little bit, but mostly I surfed on the internet looking for free dog clothing patterns. I really got this idea stuck in my head that I could make a go of it. I don't know how I would be able to compete on the internet, but I think if I thought on a smaller scale and sold to local pet stores and breeders, I would do alright. I might make a few knitted sweaters, but I really don't think people would be willing to pay a decent and realistic price for the amount of work that would go into one. I think polar fleece, felting sweaters and the like would be the way to go. That's one thing that I had problems with, I couldn't find any polar fleece that was cute at all. Just giant scale patterns of sports or ugly doll bear looking things. I think that I will have to go to Green Bay or order online to find anything decent.

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