Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Project

Yes, yes, I know I said no new projects, but this is something I have put off for too long. I am now working on a wiener dog sweater. I told a lady that works at the library I would make a sweater, but I have had a terrible time finding a pattern for one. Basic stuff I can figure out on my own. Even a regular dog sweater, but I just didn't know how to approach making one for such a long, short dog. Well, I finally found one to use. It's more of a cape style, but I think that will be fine, since they are so low to the ground, it's not like they have a lot of leg to worry about. I have the cape part of it about half way finished, then I will have to make a yoke part and graft them together. I will see what I can get done tomorrow at work. It's a hurry-up-and-wait kind of day tomorrow, so I may be able to get something done on it. I also am going to make one out of one of the sweaters I felted down the other day. The one that I thought I would use, is now too small for that size of a dog. I can make a sweater for Barney out of it. But there are two that should be big enough to trace the pattern onto. The one of the left with the skinny stripes is big enough, but the one on the right is destined to be used for a Barney sweater.

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