Monday, January 23, 2006

The Nailfiles?

Well, it's just about that time again. You know the time I speak of..It's time to clip Barney's toenails. I plan on doing the deed tomorrow afternoon. I work tomorrow morning for one of my usual six hour shifts. The Boyfiend is home, unusual for a weekday. He will be spending some time with his parents in the afternoon. I will spend the afternoon in meditation. Remember the show Kung Fu? When he jumps up from meditating and runs outside carrying the iron cauldron, burning the dragon tattoos into each forearm? Well, that's what it's like to cut Barney's toenails. If I catch him when he is asleep and I can get an average of four nails cut before he wakes up and realizes what's going on. For the rest, I either need a team of Oopma Loompa's to hold him (maybe four to hold him and three for the short musical/dance number). Or, I can spend an hour or so begging him to let me do one toe at a time, very slowly. I really don't think it bothers him all that much to get his nails cut, I have never even nicked him. He has white nails, except for two, so it's easy to see the quick. He just likes to see me sweat. Anyhow, that is my agenda for tomorrow. Also, my Mom will be leaving tomorrow, mid-morning. I don't expect her to bug out at 6 am. with me. The Boyfiend will be here to get her packed and feed her a nice breakfast. I gave her a little hairtrim this evening. So, no yarn today.
On another note, my Mom and I went to JoAnn Fabrics and I did find some cute polar fleece after all. I also got a cute remnant piece of flannel with doggies on it. I think I will go back and get some blue fleece to go with the fabric. Still, the selection stinks, there really isn't much polar fleece with a nice small scale pattern. Chihuahua's aren't known for their broad backs. As big as some of those patterns were, I would be lucky to have one eyeball of a teddybear fit on his back, let alone be able to tell what the pattern is supposed to be. So, I hope that this weekend I can make a small coat for Barney. Maybe not for him, so much as be able to fit someone as small as him. I would like to come up with a simple, but nice coat pattern, easy to put together, that I can make and hopefully sell. Any ideas for a good name for my up and coming canine clothing line, please feel free to comment. I am at a loss, all the good names are already taken.

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