Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fabric for Coats

I managed to get to JoAnn Fabrics today. They have a really good sale going on, as they are getting their Spring stock in soon and need the space. I got three pieces from the clearance area, all for under $2 per yard. I also got a remnant from the remnant bin. Then, I got a couple pieces from regular stuff that was on sale. All in all, I am pretty happy with what I bought. The Two of Them will be very well dressed in the not-too-distant future. I got some fabric, the black and pink tweed, that will turn into a great Jackie-O style of coat for Blossom. The other two fabrics are more casual, and will end up as Blossom's loungewear. The paisley as a kimono and the mystery blossom as maybe a sundress. I got this rather stately fabric to make a coat for Barney. He has a few sweaters, but no formal wear. It'll be a nice fashion statement when the two of them go out together in their nice coats. I may even try to make some sort of hats to complete the outfits.
I also got some barrettes and clips that I will be using to make hair clips for Blossom. She doesn't need them quite yet, but will within the next month. I have no intention of letting her grow out into a full Maltese coat, but I would like the top long enough to clip back out of her eyes. With her hearing impairment, it's very important that her vision is never obscured. I would rather have her hair be longer on her head and barretted back, then always be messing with it to keep it short. Also, it looks cute that way. The rest of her body I will keep in a "puppy cut".
Blossom and Barney are getting along well, Barney is hunting her down to cuddle up with her without being prompted by me to keep her company. It's funny, he sniffs her ears once in a while, like he knows something is wrong with her hearing. I smelled her ears and looked inside, so I know there is no infection brewing that he is sniffing.

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