Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blue Tuesday

My brother dropped in while we were having supper. Unfortunately, he had already eaten, but he stayed to visit. He will be working in the area for a few months, so it will be great for us to visit.

I got two white panels of the new and improved Grace hat. This hat is drudgery for me. I can't explain it, other then I would never do a hat in that color combination or that pattern. I intend to make six panels, two each of red, white and blue. Then seam them together. I also am still trying to nail down the pattern I want to use for my Mom's scarf. I have it down to two different ideas, so I am pretty close to making a choice.

I still have this stupid cough, but worse yet, my nose is sore from constantly wiping the drips. I keep telling myself that it will go away in the next 24 hours, but it just ain't so. So it's just a Blue Tuesday to me with my sore nose.

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