Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another Project Done!

The Hairpin Lace Scarf is done! It turned out pretty nice, I think. I didn't find that it was too difficult to do, I believe that I will be doing more projects using the hairpin frame. It's something that could be done while watching a movie, as it's pretty repetitive.
I also started working on a panta this evening, after I was done with the scarf. It's a Finnish garment, kind of like a headband. But rather then wearing it around the top of your head, you wear it across your forehead and down under your hair at the nape of your neck, so your ears are covered. It is a very popular project at Craftster right now, in both the knit and crochet forum. There are one or two variations already. I will probably be able to complete it at work tomorrow during my break, as I am over half done already. It goes really fast and would make a nice, quick gift.

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Anonymous said...

That Looks very nice, and colorful. I like colorful. What a wonderful gift. Michelle Morgan