Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gnome Home

You want to talk about a sinus pressure headache, well I felt like I got punched in the eye from first thing this morning onward. It makes for a long day at work. I did get to do a little crocheting and got most of a hat for The Boyfiend done. I had made it once already but it was slightly too big for his head. Hard to believe there could be a hat too big for that head. But anyhow, I had to frog the thing and start over.
The Two House Gnomes were fine when I got back from work. When I pull in the driveway, I can usually see Barney in the window, watching for me. He has a pretty good grasp of when I should be coming home. My schedule is on the fridge. Sometimes I see little scuff marks on the floor where Barney has pushed a chair over to stand on so he can read my schedule. He is a little near-sighted. I also believe he has an alarm clock set somewhere to wake him up minutes before I arrive home so he looks loyal and attentive.

See in the picture the look of innocence Barney tries for, but doesn't quite achieve? When I pull in the driveway, he starts running around the house, screaming like a little girly-man. Even Blossom, who is deaf, is alerted to my arrival by The Screaming Gnome. Sounds like a great name for a Seattle grunge band. We spent some time together, then I went to visit The Bro, as it's his last night in town. The spa helped my sinuses a little, just enough that I think I will be able to sleep tonight. I already got The Gnomes settled into the bed, so I better hurry and finish typing before they sprawl out and I have to sleep in the crack between the mattress and the wall.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Family Tree

I went and visited The Bro tonight. He is once again staying at a local motel while in the area working. He brought a bunch of the photos he is collecting from various family sources. His hobby is the family geneaology, which has been an interest of his for about three years now. In this amount of time, he has managed to get a pretty large collection. He brought along, "the best of the best" to show me, as it would take hours to go through them all otherwise. It was pretty amazing to see pictures or copies of pictures almost one hundred years old. What was also neat was to see how some contemporary relatives have a striking resemblence to ancestors from decades ago. He also had a family tree showing names, dates, childrens names, on and on. Needless to say, the hat I had brought with to work on, didn't get touched. But he is only in this area for another day, so I got to take advantage of the time that he is here.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fabric for Coats

I managed to get to JoAnn Fabrics today. They have a really good sale going on, as they are getting their Spring stock in soon and need the space. I got three pieces from the clearance area, all for under $2 per yard. I also got a remnant from the remnant bin. Then, I got a couple pieces from regular stuff that was on sale. All in all, I am pretty happy with what I bought. The Two of Them will be very well dressed in the not-too-distant future. I got some fabric, the black and pink tweed, that will turn into a great Jackie-O style of coat for Blossom. The other two fabrics are more casual, and will end up as Blossom's loungewear. The paisley as a kimono and the mystery blossom as maybe a sundress. I got this rather stately fabric to make a coat for Barney. He has a few sweaters, but no formal wear. It'll be a nice fashion statement when the two of them go out together in their nice coats. I may even try to make some sort of hats to complete the outfits.
I also got some barrettes and clips that I will be using to make hair clips for Blossom. She doesn't need them quite yet, but will within the next month. I have no intention of letting her grow out into a full Maltese coat, but I would like the top long enough to clip back out of her eyes. With her hearing impairment, it's very important that her vision is never obscured. I would rather have her hair be longer on her head and barretted back, then always be messing with it to keep it short. Also, it looks cute that way. The rest of her body I will keep in a "puppy cut".
Blossom and Barney are getting along well, Barney is hunting her down to cuddle up with her without being prompted by me to keep her company. It's funny, he sniffs her ears once in a while, like he knows something is wrong with her hearing. I smelled her ears and looked inside, so I know there is no infection brewing that he is sniffing.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nappin' Time

I really don't have much to say about today. I was very tired and ended up napping a lot of the day. I guess I was just rundown. Of course, I had a lot of help napping. I took The Two House Gnomes with me and got no arguements.
I really wanted to go look at some fabric today, but I just couldn't get motivated enough to leave the house. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow and get out a bit.

Friday, January 27, 2006

They must be Gellin'

I am so glad that the weekend has finally come! I signed up for less hours at work next week so I can spend lots of time with our newest family member, Blossom. I am afraid that Barney is a bad influence. He is showing her what Chihuahuas do with all their leisure time. This is an action shot, meaning that their eyes are open. Notice the look of annoyance and boredom on Barney's face at having his picture taken, yet again. Now, note how Blossom seems enthusiastic about the whole picture taking experience. Blossom is deaf. So, the look on her face is not from me making kissy sounds to get their attention, but making goofy faces at them. This also goes back to the look of annoyance Barney has. He feels Mommy shouldn't be acting like an idiot in front of The New Girl. The next one would be a relaxed shot, more typical to the usual behavior around this house. Barney is very glad he has furry eyelids so the camera flash doesn't cut into his intense schedule of sleeping, napping and dozing. All in all, they seem to be getting along very well. I think they got those Gellin' shoe inserts in their little fuzzy feet because they sure are relaxed all the time. There are no issues over food or toys. Blossom, despite having no teeth do to prior neglect, really likes to gum on little rawhide chewies. There are only about 15 to 20 of them lying around for her to choose from.
I will have to go back to JoAnn fabric's and try to find some girly girl fabric or fleece to make her a nice coat. Something in a pastel, preferably pink. She is a girly girl and I know she wants a pink leopard print coat with rhinestones on it, a Mommy can tell these things.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dos Amigos

Well, I was able to get a little friend for Barney. Blossom has moved in. She is a Maltese from The Michigan Pekingese Rescue. I had been in contact with the Director about adopting Blossom. On Thursday, my brother drove me to the place Blossom was being fostered at and we brought her home. She seemed to settle in with Barney rather quickly. This picture was taken about an hour after arriving.
She is maybe a tiny bit smaller then Barney, but they seem like a good match. Barney was flabbergasted when I brought her in the house, he couldn't believe his eyes!
I think they will get along great and this will give Barney something to do other then stare out the window when I am gone.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Popcorn, Anyone?

Ah, today was a nice day. I got to sleep in this morning. then we went for a ride to check up on The Boyfiends parents in Rapid River. We brought Barney with, he really enjoys the car ride and having the Grandparents fuss over him. We also brought them some groceries, but I didn't have to deal with that, The Boyfiend went shopping while I was just getting up and dressed. That is one thing I really don't like to do, grocery shopping. Once in a while I will find some enjoyment, maybe if there is something special I want to prepare, but usually I hate going to the grocery store. I really don't like to go anywhere but St. Vinnies and sometimes to Goodwill. Everything else is too crowded and a rip off as far as I am concerned. Oh, and the Yarn and Fabric stores. Those are all right in my book too. But that is basically it in the shopping area. I can remember hearing about these places that you grocery shop at online and they deliver the groceries to your house and thought that was the stupidest thing in the world and those people must be so lazy. Now, I understand. They just either don't have the time, or like me, just hate going to the cold, cramped grocery store. It seems that everything I want off the shelves are either being blocked by a person, their cart, or they quit carrying it or making it. I imagine these people at the manufacturing plant rubbing their hands together and saying with great glee "Oh boy, people reeeaallly like this stuff, we better quit making it as fast as possible, we wouldn't want them to actually enjoy one of our products." I like Cinnabon popcorn. I think the next time I want to get a box of it, there will be a guy in a dark glasses with a trenchcoat, hanging around the microwave popcorn isle. He'll be like "Pssst, hey you, you lookin' for some popcorn? I got the good stuff here. Cinnabon popcorn, not even past the expiration date." He'll flash open his trenchcoat and sneak me a box out of a secret inner pocket while I palm him a 5 dollar bill.
I hope it doesn't come to that, but deep down, I believe it will. Pretty soon Trenchcoat Man will be the only place to go for the good stuff like Magic Shell topping for icecream, Cinnabon popcorn and real Orange Crush.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Splish Splash

My brother is visiting again. His company pays for him to stay in a motel. I think it's great because the one he stays at has a spa. So, I went and sat in the nice, hot spa and relaxed for a while. That was great for my sore ankle, which is sore for some unknown reason.
I am working on getting a little friend for Barney. He really needs a buddy to keep him company. I don't expect them cuddle up right away, but just to have a warm body in the house with him will be comforting.
I still haven't started on the fleecy dog coats, but I hope to do so this weekend. I have found a few patterns that look like they are easy and also nice looking. I do have some ideas of my own and will be doing a little modifying. I still haven't come up with a cute name for my dog clothing yet, but something will pop soon. It's not like I would be marketing these things on a national scale, but I would like to have a catchy name. We all dream of being our own boss with something going on. Or at least it's something I have dreamed of, having some sort of small side business that makes a little Christmas money and is fun to do.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Nailfiles?

Well, it's just about that time again. You know the time I speak of..It's time to clip Barney's toenails. I plan on doing the deed tomorrow afternoon. I work tomorrow morning for one of my usual six hour shifts. The Boyfiend is home, unusual for a weekday. He will be spending some time with his parents in the afternoon. I will spend the afternoon in meditation. Remember the show Kung Fu? When he jumps up from meditating and runs outside carrying the iron cauldron, burning the dragon tattoos into each forearm? Well, that's what it's like to cut Barney's toenails. If I catch him when he is asleep and I can get an average of four nails cut before he wakes up and realizes what's going on. For the rest, I either need a team of Oopma Loompa's to hold him (maybe four to hold him and three for the short musical/dance number). Or, I can spend an hour or so begging him to let me do one toe at a time, very slowly. I really don't think it bothers him all that much to get his nails cut, I have never even nicked him. He has white nails, except for two, so it's easy to see the quick. He just likes to see me sweat. Anyhow, that is my agenda for tomorrow. Also, my Mom will be leaving tomorrow, mid-morning. I don't expect her to bug out at 6 am. with me. The Boyfiend will be here to get her packed and feed her a nice breakfast. I gave her a little hairtrim this evening. So, no yarn today.
On another note, my Mom and I went to JoAnn Fabrics and I did find some cute polar fleece after all. I also got a cute remnant piece of flannel with doggies on it. I think I will go back and get some blue fleece to go with the fabric. Still, the selection stinks, there really isn't much polar fleece with a nice small scale pattern. Chihuahua's aren't known for their broad backs. As big as some of those patterns were, I would be lucky to have one eyeball of a teddybear fit on his back, let alone be able to tell what the pattern is supposed to be. So, I hope that this weekend I can make a small coat for Barney. Maybe not for him, so much as be able to fit someone as small as him. I would like to come up with a simple, but nice coat pattern, easy to put together, that I can make and hopefully sell. Any ideas for a good name for my up and coming canine clothing line, please feel free to comment. I am at a loss, all the good names are already taken.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Visitors

My Mom is visiting for a day or two. She needs a little hair trim, so it's a working visit. We made a turkey for dinner and had The Boyfiends parents over too. The turkey turned out fabulous, very juicy and tender. We had Stovetop and some veggies too, but started things out with a salad. Now that everyone has visited, we can finally take down the Christmas tree. About time, I have been wanting to set up my exercise machine down her, so I will actually use it. Other then cooking and cleaning, the day was pretty quite. After everyone left, my Mom and I watched a couple movies and she went to bed early. So, I am up taking care of the blog, then I'll watch a little tube and go to bed.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Polar Fleece Deficit

Today was a lazy day, which I really needed. I slept in and didn't get much of anything done. I worked on the double ended crochet hook scarf a little bit, but mostly I surfed on the internet looking for free dog clothing patterns. I really got this idea stuck in my head that I could make a go of it. I don't know how I would be able to compete on the internet, but I think if I thought on a smaller scale and sold to local pet stores and breeders, I would do alright. I might make a few knitted sweaters, but I really don't think people would be willing to pay a decent and realistic price for the amount of work that would go into one. I think polar fleece, felting sweaters and the like would be the way to go. That's one thing that I had problems with, I couldn't find any polar fleece that was cute at all. Just giant scale patterns of sports or ugly doll bear looking things. I think that I will have to go to Green Bay or order online to find anything decent.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Longest Day

Today was a very long day at work. i started at 6:30am, got done around 10am, went back at 5:30pm and finished around 9pm. I was happy that the roads were dry and bare. There had been a treat of snow showers, and to the south of us, they really got blasted with snow. The Boyfiend was driving through that blizzard and said that there were many accidents and totaled out vehicles along the highway.
I didn't get any crocheting done, but I did do a few other things. I went to the Goodwill store and also to St. Vinnies. I bought a really cute purse and a few scarves. I am not against buying handmade scarves, made by other people. At least I can appreciate the workmanship. One thing I found that I was really happy about was a xxsmall dog coat. The kind that is similar to a horse blanket. A strap across the chest and one under the belly. It is actually too small for Barney, who weighs in at 7.4 pounds. But, I can use it to make a pattern from, it wouldn't be a problem to make the pattern a few inches bigger all the way around. I already have found free patterns on the internet for the same thing, it was just nice to see one up close and personal. I think I am going to make a stab at selling clothing for small dogs. i have some great ideas in my head for little outfits. Or at least, I think they're great ideas. I think most of them would be sewn because, let's face it, people don't want to pay for a hand knit garment and i don't want to sell my work for nothing. it's not fair to me to work for peanuts on something as labor intensive as hand knitting a fitted sweater, even a tiny one.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Scarf Cheater

Well I finally got my tax stuff from work. The Boyfiend got his quite a while ago. We are expecting his return shorty now, but that is going to be used to bring Barney to the doggie dentist. At a recent appointment, we were told that he will probably have to have his few remaining teeth removed. He just had a full dental not even two years ago, but it's just a thing with small dogs to have teeth problems. I think if you started with a puppy, you could get them used to dental care. But Barney was 8(?) years old when we got him and did not appreciate my attempts to brush his teeth one bit. It was very upsetting to him and I didn't do anything other then scare him badly.
I have cheated a little on my "No UFO's" rule and started another scarf. This one is skinny though and should be done shortly. I'm using a double ended crochet hook to make it. It's going to be more like a boa, really. I was thinking on making a curly scarf, but wanted to give this double ended hook a try. It's pretty easy, but I wonder if it uses more yarn then other methods. I also have the itch to break out my hairpin frame, but I am trying to control the UFO's so that got nixed. I promise, promise, promise that I will get two old projects completed this weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's All About Barney

I will be glad when the weekend comes and I can sleep in. Usually Barney wakes me up around 7am, I think he is worried that I will be late for work. So, I get up and we go outside, then he goes and waits in the bathroom for me to come in and take a shower. On the weekend, I just tell him, "come on, we're going back to bed!" He gets a big smile and by the time I get to the bed, he is already sacked out in the middle so I get to sleep in the crack between the mattress and the wall.
I believe most small dogs are from another planet. They are here to dominate and enslave the human race. Especially Chihuahua's. They have that large Brain Dome and send out their brainwaves and impose their will on weak humans like myself. Notice in the picture the large size of The Dome. He probably sends back reports to his home planet while I am at work.
"I have the Large Ones completely under my control at this time. I now have four small couches for my personal use. In nice weather, they put me in a backpack designed especially for transporting me and carry me on scenic tours through the woods. The bigger of the Large Ones, brings me a glass of icewater every night while I am in bed and offers it to me for my drinking pleasure. I much prefer to drink from a tall glass then that silly ceramic water bowl painted with flying dogs they paid lots of money for. I really love the pained looks on their faces when I turn up my nose at the special meals they prepare for me because of my lack of teeth. They make sure to turn on an appropriate tv show when they have to leave me alone, little do they know I am surfing the internet using their credit cards to order more small dog stuff! Just wait, one day they will get a big box delivered from La Petite Maison." He throws back his head and gives a little evil doggie laugh.
Me and the other Large One have been thinking about getting a companion for Barney. The thing is, he is about 10 or so years old, he doesn't need a puppy to harass him. Right now his favorite toy is my oven mitt and all he does is "steal" it from me and bring it into one of his beds to nap with. Not exactly wild activity. We don't dare to wash Oven Mitt, for fear it will lose whatever essence that Barney finds so comforting. Matter of fact, Oven Mitt is now capitalized, as we talk about it like it's alive. "Have you seen Oven Mitt?" "Why no, did you check Barney's yellow bed, I saw it in there napping with him earlier..." We feel that when his best friend is Oven Mitt, it's time we intervene and look for a small, sleepy buddy for him to spend time with.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Project

Yes, yes, I know I said no new projects, but this is something I have put off for too long. I am now working on a wiener dog sweater. I told a lady that works at the library I would make a sweater, but I have had a terrible time finding a pattern for one. Basic stuff I can figure out on my own. Even a regular dog sweater, but I just didn't know how to approach making one for such a long, short dog. Well, I finally found one to use. It's more of a cape style, but I think that will be fine, since they are so low to the ground, it's not like they have a lot of leg to worry about. I have the cape part of it about half way finished, then I will have to make a yoke part and graft them together. I will see what I can get done tomorrow at work. It's a hurry-up-and-wait kind of day tomorrow, so I may be able to get something done on it. I also am going to make one out of one of the sweaters I felted down the other day. The one that I thought I would use, is now too small for that size of a dog. I can make a sweater for Barney out of it. But there are two that should be big enough to trace the pattern onto. The one of the left with the skinny stripes is big enough, but the one on the right is destined to be used for a Barney sweater.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Just a Couple Updates

I thought I would talk about some things that I haven't mentioned for a while and get caught up, in no particular order:
I was able to finally give The Grace Hat to the recipient, a disabled person who rides my bus and didn't have a hat at all. She seemed very happy with it, Thank God!
The Hairpin Lace Scarf was shipped off the day after it was made to my Oldest Brother's Wife. She liked it a lot, it looks nice with her brown suede coat. I didn't want to say anything on the blog until I was sure she had received it, as she has been known to read this blog.
I haven't finished The Kitty Hat, I have to figure out where I put the gosh durn flippin bag with the hat and yarn!
I am still fighting this annoying cough, it just won't seem to let up.
I have been working on a felting project. I had a hard time trying to get the sweaters to felt properly. I don't have a washer or dryer so I was sloushing them around in the kitchen sink. I think they may be alright. Right now, they are in a dryer at the Laundromat, so I will know the results in about 20 minutes. If the sweaters felted down the way they are supposed to, I will be using one of them to make a dog sweater for a Doxie, owned by a librarian. I think it has been a fun project so far, but I don't think I would recommend doing this without a washer, my fingertips are just about raw from agitating the sweaters with my hands. Next time, I will either do this at the Laundromat, or wear some sort of gloves.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Test is Done!

I finally finished the test for my Michigan Master Gardener Certification, just now, matter of fact. I am so glad to get that done and out of the way. I will turn it in tomorrow, on my way to work.
I did get a little bit done today on one of my UFO's. I was working on my Weirdo Bobble Scarf. I ended up using up all the yarn that I tied together to make the ball. So, until I got an hour or two to make another ball of yarn bits, it'll be a while before I work on it again. I really do like the looks of the scarf, but all that snipping and tying takes forever.
I will be working on the Kitty Hat tomorrow, hopefully I can finish it. I think I am doing the shuttlebus and sometimes I end up with 5 minutes at one end of the shuttle to work a little bit. I got the main body done and have to start on the forehead area and ears.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Little Bit Better Now..

Today was slightly better then yesterday. I did sleep a lot, but I guess I needed it. I did start a new project, even though I said I wouldn't until I got some other stuff done. I just couldn't help myself. I surfed into the website of Jane Thornley. I really like her stuff, even though it is knitted. I feel it's pretty much the same ideas as used in Freeform Crochet. I just happen to like her stuff in that it's not too random. Freeform Crochet can be pretty far out there, which I like. But, this isn't a metropolitan area. It's not that I am too shy to wear Freeform, it's that I don't want to be bothered with a thousand questions about it. A little bit I can take, but I have such a social job that I don't want to burn myself out by putting myself in the kind of position where I draw unnecessary attention. I just want to keep to myself sometimes. So, anyhow, I see this website and really like her stuff. So, I put some yarn into a color family and get started. This is what I have got done so far. I like it.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Sicky Poo

Today was a rough, long, day. I started at 6:30 am, got done at 10 am, went back at 1 pm, didn't get done till 6 pm. So, my short, 3 1/2 hour day turned into a 8 1/2 hour day. I didn't feel well and didn't eat any lunch. I did make a sandwich and took it with, but it's still in my workbag. I started feeling really queasy are 5 pm, but stuck it out till the bitter end. For supper we are going to have spaghetti, but I seem to have lost my appetite for a while and am too queasy to deal with the smell.
The Boyfiend made it back home from a trip into Minnesota. He will be around for the better part of the weekend, then leave out sometime Sunday afternoon. It was funny, because I ended up following him into town and we were waving at one another at the traffic light. Kind of silly, I know, but I was very glad he made it home and was looking forward to seeing him again. He is shopping now, a quick trip to the grocery store. I am glad he likes to go, because I sure don't.
I did work on the UFO kitty hat today, I got a lot done and I am starting on the upper part where the ears will be. I imagine I will have that done this weekend. I won't be doing a lo of fiber stuff, as I have to turn in that test on Monday, before I work at 11 or so in the morning, but I will squeeze in a few rows.
I guess as for it being a Friday The 13th, other then being sicky poo, it wasn't a bad day, nothing freaky happened.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I am working on a test for my Master Gardener Course that I took this Fall. The final exam is an open book test of 100 questions. A lot of the questions are common sense, but then there are a bunch of technical ones that I have to search through this huge book to find the answer. I am over half-way done. I am afraid that the test is due tomorrow and that is why there is a big push to get it done. It's my own fault for putting it off for so long, and now I pay the price by cramming.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

another UFO?

Another UFO? UFO=un-finished-object. I hope not. I picked up a hat that I started a while ago and I'm working on it again. It is going much better now, for some reason. I did frog the whole thing and start over. It's the kitty hat from sometime in early December. I think I will be able to finish it either Thursday or Friday night. More likely Friday, since Thursday evening and Friday morning I have to work on a test for my gardening class. I have to get it turned in or I won't get certified.
I really have to buckle down and finish more projects. i got a bad habit of starting a project, then another, then another... I have to focus on finishing what I have BEFORE I start something else. It's boring, though, to only have one project going. Sometimes, you get tired of the yarn texture or the color you are working with, Your eyes wear out. so, I like to have a few going, but this is getting stupid. No more UFO's!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Attack of the Flu Bug

The Boyfiend had the flu last night and into this morning. I hope and pray that I don't get it too. It's a really bad time for me to call in sick to work, as we are a little short right now with one person on leave. The Boyfiend seems to be recovering, but it still ill and tired. I can't remember the last time I had the stomach flu and I don't want to.
I am still trying to hand off the Grace hat. It's been done for a while, but I haven't run into that person lately. I really hope she likes it, as it was such a pain for me to make.
As I mentioned before, I don't want to have a bunch of UFO's floating around. I am going to pick up a project that I started and didn't finsh. i think before I start anything new at all, I am going to finish two projects that I have not completed. I have the kitty hat, the skull scully and the weirdo bobble scarf that I can think of. I hope that's it, but there might be one more around. I know I have a knitting project, but I don't count that one, it's just not the same as crocheting.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Wanna Panta?

I was able to finish my panta today. I got the bulk of it done on sunday evening, so there was only a couple of rows to complete. I got two rows done at work and finished the rest of it at home this evening. It'll be nice to wear when I want something, but not as warm as a hat. There is quite a bit more purple in it then the scan shows. Maybe I can get a better pic later. I will have to try during the day with natural sunlight. I did mine a little different then the ones at Craftster.
I cast on 51 stitches.

1st row of: 13sc, 7hdc, 11dc, 7 hdc, 13 sc, in back loop only.

2nd row: chain 2 to turn, sc in next stitch, put hook into same stitch as the first sc you just made (like you are going to make an increase) draw up a loop, 2 loops on hook. Put hook into next stitch, draw up a loop, 3 loops on hook. continue on to pull the 3rd loop (the one you just pulled up, closest to hook) through the other 2 loops on the hook. 1 loop on hook. *Now, place hook into same stitch as the one you just pulled up the 3rd loop from. Draw up a loop, 2 loops on hook. Place hook into next stitch, draw up a loop, 3 loops on hook, continue on to pull this 3rd loop through the other 2 loops*. Repeat from * to * all the way across.
Repeat these 2 rows until it's the width you want. End with row 1, then go back across using sc only, in back loops only. Use very loose tension for the 2nd row and for the final row of sc. I actually used a hook 2 sizes larger then what the yarn called for on row 2. Remember, your starting chain should be a little shorter then what it takes to go across your forehead and around to the nape of your neck , under your hair. This thing will stretch alot and you will end up with too big of a panta otherwise. Tailor row 1 to fit the size of your head, maybe you will only have 44 chains, so you might do: 10sc, 7hdc, 10 dc, 7hdc, 10sc. Have fun!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another Project Done!

The Hairpin Lace Scarf is done! It turned out pretty nice, I think. I didn't find that it was too difficult to do, I believe that I will be doing more projects using the hairpin frame. It's something that could be done while watching a movie, as it's pretty repetitive.
I also started working on a panta this evening, after I was done with the scarf. It's a Finnish garment, kind of like a headband. But rather then wearing it around the top of your head, you wear it across your forehead and down under your hair at the nape of your neck, so your ears are covered. It is a very popular project at Craftster right now, in both the knit and crochet forum. There are one or two variations already. I will probably be able to complete it at work tomorrow during my break, as I am over half done already. It goes really fast and would make a nice, quick gift.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Grace Hat Done!

I finally have the Grace Hat done! It has been such a labor, I can't even describe it. It wasn't that hard to make, it's just not what I wanted to create, so it seemed to take forever and a day. Now, I can get back to things that I really want to work on. I have a bunch of half finished projects that I either have to finish, or frog. I don't want to have a mess of UFO's floating around to haunt me. I got enough of that kind of thing in my personal life.

I will be working on and hopefully finishing a hat and the Hairpin Scarf this weekend. that is my mission, other then the usual household stuff I have to do also.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Fifty Loops

I added fifty more loops to the hairpin lace, on each side. I felt that one hundred loops just wasn't going to cut it. Now, I just have to make one more panel and lace them together. Then, I will have to go around the edges and do some sort of finishing. I spent the rest of the evening cleaning around the house, as I had put off a few things during the week. I mainly made what felt like a thousand trips up and down the stair hauling christmas decorations, but it was really more like ten trips. that was more then enough to tire me out, as I am still fighting a cold. the Grace Hat will have to wait until tomorrow evening. I dont have much left in me and I am almost ready for bed.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Spa+Yarn=Not Much Done

I went t o visit my brother at his hotel room this evening. They have a spa there, so we ended up making two visits to the spa before the night was over. I was hoping the hot water and steam would drive this cough out of me, but no dice. It was very relaxing anyway.
I brought the winning ball of orange yarn with me and my hairpin lace frame. There is a nice, comfy recliner in his room, so I put my feet up and worked on my hairpin lace while The Bro sat at a small table and did his paperwork. We got considerable amounts of yapping done also. The Bro's hobby is working on The Family genealogy, so he gave me the rundown on the newest information he had gathered about our Bloodline. He is going to start archiving the photographs and copies of photos and portraits in his collection. It's amazing how much information he has been able to gather in the last three years.
So anyhow, I was busy using my hairpin lace frame for my first project. I did practice with it once before, but didn't actually make anything other then a panel. It really is coming along nice and I think I will be doing this more often in the future. I feel like it's something that you can pick up and put down and not worry about loosing stitches. Right now there is 100 loops on each side of the frame. I think that is about the right length and I can start on another panel.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And The Winner Is...Orange!

I am still fighting this cold. It's not so bad anymore, but still really annoying. I got just enough of a hack that it's driving me nuts. Oh well, it'll just fade away soon, I hope.
I have been working on the beachball floppy hat. I got four out of six panels done. I have two each of red and white. I have two blue panels to crank out, then whip stitching the whole mess together. I can't wait to get it done with, but I also don't enjoy working on it, so it's a catch-22. I really should force myself to finish it up so it's out of my hair. I guess that is today's resolution is to finish it by this weekend, or better yet, by Friday, so it's not hanging over my head.
On to bigger and better things, I decided to do the scarf for my Mom in hairpin lace. It's something that I know how to do, but have never made a project using the technique. I finally decided what yarn to use. Surprise! It's an orangey pink kind of yarn from JoAnn's Sensation line of yarn. It's pretty like a sunset and very soft.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blue Tuesday

My brother dropped in while we were having supper. Unfortunately, he had already eaten, but he stayed to visit. He will be working in the area for a few months, so it will be great for us to visit.

I got two white panels of the new and improved Grace hat. This hat is drudgery for me. I can't explain it, other then I would never do a hat in that color combination or that pattern. I intend to make six panels, two each of red, white and blue. Then seam them together. I also am still trying to nail down the pattern I want to use for my Mom's scarf. I have it down to two different ideas, so I am pretty close to making a choice.

I still have this stupid cough, but worse yet, my nose is sore from constantly wiping the drips. I keep telling myself that it will go away in the next 24 hours, but it just ain't so. So it's just a Blue Tuesday to me with my sore nose.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Tea and The Shire

I found this little deal the other day. It's really a coffee press, but I will be using it for the fine art of making tea. I have almost always used teabags, but I thought it would be fun for my palate to get some loose tea. I always thought it was more civilized to use loose tea. That's what elevates it to an art form, in my mind anyhow. Of course, now this means I have to find some loose tea for sale in this frostbitten little Shire.
Many times I refer to my small town in Upper Michigan as a Shire. That would be a direct link to TLOTR movies. Often, I feel that our neck of the woods is lacking in a lot of the refinements found in civilization. Like loose tea, for one, and people who use their turn signals on a consistent basis. But in exchange for the loss of some things that city dwellers take for granted, I get The Shire. Most people here live in a Microverse. I personally know two people who have never left the County I reside in. Green Bay Packer games are more important then any other televised event (win or lose, no matter). Most believe all things evil or bad are beset upon us by The Trolls. Trolls are people living "Downstate" in Lower Michigan. They live below "The Bridge" (being The Mackinac) and thus, are Trolls. They are jealous of the rest of us Yoopers, living up here in God's Country. Bad things The Trolls punish us with would be high fuel prices, poor snowmobiler etiquette, poachers, any and all economic decisions regarding the U.P., since they are made by Trolls with Evil Intentions and usually to the detriment of The Shire. Never mind if any of this is true, the Shirefolk believe it is so, therefore it must be. Everyone needs a whipping boy and Downstate is it for us.
Cheddars, people from Wisconsin, are usually viewed with mild affection, like second cousins with buck teeth. They view us as second cousins with buck teeth and freckles. They are much closer to Shirefolk in the genepool, as they are all farmers (aren't they?) and the homestate of our Beloved Packers. Also, one of the better FleetFarms resides just south of Greenbay. I wonder if they have loose tea there?
So, the People of The Shire live in a sort of self-imposed obliviousness, that sometimes, really is For The Best.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Invasion of the Snowman Snatchers

I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like this little snow man. It's really a lapel pin that I bought at our local Walgreen store. There is something about the eyes. They are definitely watchful and slightly threatening. I am glad that it is intended for me to wear, with the eyes pointed out toward the Unsuspecting Masses. It may be that they are an invading army, disguised as small innocent snowman. But, they didn't get it completely right. They couldn't get the eyes to shine with Humor and Holiday Cheer. Instead, they shine with a piercing intelligence that threatens all of Humanity. I think that in order to Save the World from this quiet threat, I must go back to Walgreens and buy the rest of them as soon as possible. Or, maybe I just need a nap.

Taco Kisses for the New Year

The day started out with a little workout. We got about 6 to 8 inches of snow and had a bunch of shoveling to deal with. We did the good deed of the day and shoveled out the 93 year old neighbor also. Then we progressed to The Boyfiends Parental Unit and made Tacos for a late lunch or early supper. We really wanted to be home for the evening and avoid traveling the 16 miles when the sun first goes down. It was just the right temperature the the roads would freeze as darkness fell. if you wait a while, the salters go by and then it's safe to drive again. I brought a big bag of yarn with me and picked out the yarn to be used on the scarf project. I am still working on a pattern.
Later, we went for a ride and celebrated The New Year riding around in our car. Barney, as usual came along, sporting one of his new sweaters. We are home now, other then that, it was uneventful and relaxed.