Monday, December 19, 2005

A Sweater Found

See? I wasn't lying when I said that I had made a sweater for Barney. This was knitted last year for him and finally recovered from the abyss today. I used the pattern My So Called Scarf as a basis for the sweater. I will take a picture of him wearing it when he is not napping. Barney naps a lot, especially when he sees me coming at him with yarn and a tape measure. It's amazing how he changes from a 7 pound chihuahua into an 200 pound magnet with a gravitational pull on the core of the earth when I want to do something with him. I need approximately three more hands and 8 more thumbs when it comes to clipping his toenails. Sometimes I opt for the "Burrito Method". This involves rolling him up inside a towel and after much struggling, pulling out one tightly retracted foot at a time for a pedicure. This method also works with The Boyfiend, who seems to have some sort of Sampson complex about getting his toenails trimmed.

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