Thursday, December 15, 2005


Work was not pretty today. Not only did I get a minimal amount of crocheting done, I had to make four trips to a town known as Perkins. The first trip was at 7am down two ruts in six inches of snow. A wasted trip, as the people I was meant to pick up weren't dug out enough to get the bus in their drives. The second trip was much better, the temps were on the rise and everything was melting. The third trip was getting a little on the boring side, except for the challenges presented by all the slop spraying up onto the windshield. The forth trip, well, I was just happy to not have to go to Perkins again. I would like to mention that it is 21 miles one way to Perkins.
Well, enough about that. Other then the fact that I didn't end up in a ditch today, there really wasn't much excitement. I did go to the Optometrist for an exam and my eyes are very healthy with little change.

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