Friday, December 16, 2005

Shop Till You Drop

I was so happy to sleep in today! I really didn't get much done, although I read an interesting thread about felting at Craftster. Really makes me want to give it a try. The problem is getting wool yarn around here to felt with. Most yarn is a wool blend around here, which I don't believe would work. The Boyfiends mother is doing much better, she ended up having to have her gall bladder removed within a week of her hip replacement. Not anything a person wants to go through, especially near the Holidays.
I got Barney a sweater at Walmart. I know, what is a crocheter doing buying a sweater? Well, I got a lot of presents to make yet, and for 3 bucks he has a sweater for the time being. I also can't find the two sweaters I made for him last year, so this will tide him over.

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