Monday, December 26, 2005

More Yarn and Decorations

We went for a ride today. We drove down south a ways towards Milwaukee, as The Boyfiend wanted his sister to visit with his son. His sister is a school principal and really has it together, they will have a great visit for a few days. After we made the exchange, we did a little more shopping. We got a bunch of outdoor Christmas decoration at give-away prices. Then, we went to Michaels and I got a little more yarn, as it still was on sale. It was a long day, as we didn't get home until very late. We also got Barney two little dog beds. One is a winter weight, with fuzzy fabric. The other is more summery, with a floral cloth fabric. We wanted to get him one for Christmas, but we simply couldn't find a nice one around here. We ended up getting the two at Target, which we don't have around here.

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