Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

I guess I was a good girl this year, as I got a lot of nice presents. I got a floor lamp similar to an Ott lamp, one with a daylight bulb. I really wanted a good light source, as I found myself putting down crochet or knitting before I wanted to because my eyes were fatigued. Then again, I never really want to put it down. I also got a digital camera, which will be great for a lot of different things, not to mention helping with pictures for this blog. Something that was for me, but we all can enjoy, is the DVD of "The Fellowship of The Ring", from my favorite series of movies.
Finally, I got an MP3 player. It's kinda funny, as it is actually geared for children, from Disney. It's pink and says "Always a Princess" on it. But, the price was great for the features it has. I will be making a cozy for it soon, so it won't matter what it says on it. So overall, I had a really great Christmas, in the present department. I got The Boyfiend a DVD, some chocolates and a blender. The blender is the thing he really wanted, as he (and me too) really loves malted milkshakes.
The dinner was prepared by us at The Boyfiends parents house. It went well, with the ham turning out juicy and delicious. We had a French silk pie from Schwann's for dessert. It was over the top rich.

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