Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Blizzard of Duhs

The winter blizzard held off until I was almost done with work. But it didn't stop people from driving like idiots. I think most people have a tendency to stare at the hood of their vehicle, maybe a foot or two beyond if they are really on the ball. The rest of them drive around with a cartoon balloon over their heads with a DUH? In it.
About 5pm, it started to snow with hostile intent. Now, it's downright nasty out there. I have doubts whether there will be school or not tomorrow. It was cancelled today because of black ice. What is black ice? You ask. Well allow me to educate you. Black Ice means there is a very thin veneer of ice over the road surface. You can see the blacktop through the ice, thus it is very hard to tell it is there until you are sliding on it. It often doesn't glare when light hits it the way regular ice does. Your stopping distance can be three times more then with other snowy driving conditions.
So, no crocheting for me today. Not that the roads affected me, just that less people wanted to drive themselves and were calling for rides.
The Boyfiend made it back in town just in the nick of time. He arrived around 2pm, when it was only windy, not snowy. I am very happy he is home for a day or two.

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