Saturday, December 24, 2005

Another Scarf Made

I made this scarf using Moda Dea Espree "Salt and Pepper" and Patons Brilliant "White Twinkle". I used a P hook and held together both strands for the entire project. I crocheted a chain about 5 feet long. I then single crocheted back. Then I chained 4 for the turning chain, 1 triple crochet into first stitch, chain 1, skip 1 stitch, triple into the next stitch, chain 1, skip one, all the way across. Then I single crocheted back into every stitch to give it a little stability. I ended up with the ladder effect you see. I know this is pretty simple and obvious, but I just wanted to mention that when I was done, I still had half of the Espree (eyelash) and better then half of the Brilliant (little thinner than sportweight sorta). It naturally stretched to be about 5 and 1/2 feet long and 2 and 1/4ish inches wide, when I was done. I am really happy with the look and also being able to stretch out my yarn to make two scarves. I also think as shiny as this stuff is, a little goes a long way and it looks best as a skinny scarf. It took me about two hours to do this, while watching Willy Wonka (the original one) You will notice that to the left of the scarf, there is a Barney hair. I am sure a few were crocheted in for added warmth.

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