Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dogs need clothing too

I got a call from the library today, that a book I had requested was in. Hip to Crochet has got some neato stuff, nothing really standout. I do like the hats. The clerk at the library that checked out my books, which included some other crochet books, asked if I would be interested in making a sweater for her dauchund. I gave her my email and hope to hear from her soon. I don’t know what I would charge for my labor, but we will hash it out later.
At work I was way too busy to pick up a hook. I was sure glad when my day was over. I still have to frog out the cap I started, but I got big plans for that! The Boyfiend is trailblazing his way along through yet another snowstorm, but should be home soon. Meanwhile, I have to do some major house cleaning as I have a friend visiting me this weekend. Yikes!

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